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A lot of people call us, asking us how much their homes are worth, just after they check their property's value on a Home Value Website, wondering how in the world the software arrived at that price. 

We explain how the Home Value Sites perform a service, but their algorithms by no means paint the whole picture. We tell them how the Sites have never been inside your home, have no idea what shape your home is in, your recent renovations, re-roofing, etc, so how could a website give you an accurate evaluation of your home's value? In reality, Home Value Websites most often reflect the "View from 30,000 Feet."

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Having a solid understanding of your home's market value BEFORE you put it on the market is critical. Just as you are starting your project, working with the right realtor can help you appreciate your property's strengths and weaknesses relative to the competition in addition to real-time market value.

You do not want to pay too much or ask too much to get your property sold, but without consulting with the right realtor and their team beforehand, you may very well lose money. When you are ready to have a fully confidential conversation, fill out the contact form below or call or text us directly.

"Thank You Peter and Svetlana for going beyond the call of duty in assisting with our project."

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